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Past Exhibitions

Great White North: Canadian Jewellery
Permanent Gallery opened in 2019
This year we are pleased to introduce a new addition to the permanent collection including significant works by Canada's eminent sculptors and jewellery designers. It is the only permanent display of contemporary Canadian jewellery outside North America.
Art is Where the Heart is
Huh Dong-hwa
October 21, 2016 ~ January 13, 2017
The contagious, multi-colored optimism of Huh Dong-hwa’s brooches is a celebration of freedom and an expansion of self-expression, in a world where jewellery loses its exclusiveness to one sex or age.
Masterpieces with Painted Jewels
September 21 ~ December 11, 2016
The exhibition invites the viewers to take on the role of a story teller and to create their own story about the paintings with a particular focus on the jewellery and how it fits into their story.
Fashion of Art Deco
September 30 ~ November 29, 2015
"Fashion of Art Deco" exhibition features the highlights from the World Jewellery Museum's Art Deco collection including the jewellery, handbags and dresses.
New Ceramic Jewellery
May 28 ~ November 9, 2014
The collaboration between Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud and the World Jewellery Museum enables us to ponder on the meaning of "tradition", "value", and "preservation".
Beyond Liaisons
Art Jewellery
September 5 ~ October 27, 2013
The World Jewellery Museum proudly presents the first major exhibition in Asia to explore the visual dialogue between art jewellery created by well-established international living artists and traditional jewellery from various cultures around the world.
Dialogue in Time
July 10 ~ September 20, 2012
In the "Dialogue in Time" exhibition 250 "highlights" have been selected from the museum collection, which is one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of jewellery. The exhibition also features jewellery and design works by contemporary artists.
Lovers from Prague
Czech Jewellery
October 6 ~ December 30, 2010
The 100 works of jewellery featured in the exhibition represent the rich jewellery heritage of the Czech Republic by presenting a visual dialogue between the Czech garnet jewellery and the contemporary designers.
From China
July 17 ~ November 30, 2008
In the spirit of celebrating the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, “From China” exhibition held by the World Jewellery Museum will provide an opportunity to further strengthen the cultural bridge between the two nations.
Handbag My Love
December 4, 2008 ~ May 30, 2009
The exhibition presents a wide-ranging variety of handbags from the museum collection which illustrates a woman’s changing role in society and changing attitudes about femininity.
The Art of Plastic
November 20 ~ December 30, 2007
With the introduction of the first plastic in the late 19th century, the plastic jewellery industry came of age by mid-20th century. The exhibition presents a wide-ranging collection of costume jewellery which illustrates the changing attitudes about femininity.
Beads Make the World Go Round
July 17, 2007 ~ July 24, 2008
The exhibition reveals the evolution of the bead as an integral part of the history of mankind. The World Jewellery Museum is home to over 150 items of beaded jewellery, costumes, and accessories from various cultures.
Ring DNA
November 7 ~ December 31, 2006
The symbolism connected with rings is rich which represents the theatre of life. The exhibition explores the long journey of rings that has accompanied human history, and uncovers the secrets locked inside their DNA.
The Unextinguishable Dream of African Masters
October 4 ~ October 16, 2005
"The Unextinguishable Dream of African Masters" explores various wonders of the African continent through museum artifacts. The exhibition showcases objects with hidden stories from Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and South Africa.


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